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March Gardening To-Do List

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March Garden To-Do List
March weather can be quite varied here in the Tri-Lakes area; warm and sunny one day,
followed by freezing temperatures and snow the next. But it’s perfect weather for taking care of
some gardening tasks, both indoors and out.
1. Vegetable and flower SEEDs are readily available in the Garden Center now. It’s time to
decide what you want to grow this year, and buy your seeds early while the selection is still
good. Some seed varieties should be started indoors up to 12 weeks before transplanting outside.
Check the seed packets to know when to start sowing indoors.
2. CLEAN your garden tools if you didn’t do it in the fall. Clean all dirt off metal parts with a
stiff metal brush, wipe down with a rag, remove any rust with sandpaper then apply a light
coating of vegetable oil. If you are reusing any pots from last year, wash them in hot soapy
water then rinse with a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Allow to air dry.
3. March is a great time to SOW WILDFLOWER SEEDS. Wait for a forecast of snow, then
scatter the seeds over the area to be seeded and allow the snow to come and cover them. As the
snow melts, the freezing at night and thawing during the day help work the seeds into the soil.
The seeds will germinate in the spring when soil and air temperatures warm up.
4. Winter can be harsh on trees and shrubs; inspect them for any snow damage (broken, dead, or
damaged branches) and PRUNE as needed. Some shrubs that bloom on new wood (Russian
Sage, Butterfly Bush, some Hydrangea and Clematis) and ornamental grasses can be pruned to 4-
6 inches from the ground. All others should be pruned only to improve the plant’s health or
appearance. Avoid pruning spring flowering shrubs until after they bloom.
5. And don’t forget, your HOUSEPLANTS need love this time of year also. Wipe down all
leaves with a damp cloth, or place them in the shower and give them a good drenching to get any
dust off the leaves. Repot any that are root bound or have grown too big for their pot. If you
brought in any plants to over-winter indoors (Geraniums, Begonias, etc.) it’s time to cut them
back if they have grown leggy, repot them with fresh soil, move them to a bright window and
start fertilizing so they will be ready to go back outside in May.

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