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How to Plant Trees and Shrubs


“Trees & Shrubs: Planting & Care Instructions” (Click to View Printable PDF file)

  1. Score the root ball on all sides to prevent girdling.
  2. Prepare the hole 2 times the width of the root ball and to the depth of the root ball.
  3. DO NOT plant too deep!
  4. Mix native soil with 1/3 compost and thoroughly mix with water as you backfill.
  5. Set your hose on top of the original root ball and water with a very slow stream of water.
  6. Perennials, shrubs and trees benefit from infrequent, deep applications of water. Watering too often will deprive the plant of oxygen, while not enough water will result in desiccation.
  7. Check if your plant needs water by digging down around the outside of the root ball and squeezing the soil. If soil forms a moist ball your plant has enough water, if it falls apart water thoroughly.
McCord's Garden Center

McCord's Garden Center

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