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Hardy Shrub Roses


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Hardy Shrub Roses

What are Shrub Roses?
Shrub roses are a category of roses that include varieties that don’t fall under any of the other available classifications. Many shrub roses are a result of crossing species roses with bush roses creating new and improved versions. These tough roses have been bred to have the best attributes of all classes. Shrub rose bushes are defined by the American Rose Society (ARS) as “a class of hardy, easy-care plants that encompass bushy roses that do not fit in any other category of rose bush.” To be classified as a hardy shrub rose, the plant must be able to reliably survive the winter without any special protection. While hybrid teas are usually too tender for our environment, shrub roses offer exceptional beauty while being extremely hardy.
Shrub roses are among some of the most hardy and successful flowering shrubs. Once established, they are low maintenance, disease-resistant, and they tolerate poor soil and drought conditions. Many varieties offer fragrant flowers and even rebloom throughout the growing season. The category of “shrub rose” includes many climbers and ground cover roses as well. So not all rose shrubs are shrub roses, and not all shrub roses are rose shrubs!
 Hybrid rugosa roses are a subcategory of shrub roses that are known for their fragrance and hardiness in the garden. They were introduced to Europe from Japan in 1796. These varieties are some of the hardiest of roses. The name rugosa is derived from their wrinkled foliage.
 Canadian hardy roses were developed under the direction of the Canadian Department of Agriculture for winter hardiness, disease resistance, ease of propagation and repeat blooming.
 Species roses belong to a distinct species and not to one of the many varieties produced by hybridization. They are usually extremely hardy and bear abundant single flowers, but they usually bloom only once a season.
Shrub Rose Maintenance:
Light Requirements: Shrub roses do well in full sun and well-drained soil, but some tolerate partial sun or partial shade.
Water Requirements: Water shrub roses whenever the top inch of soil has dried out. Though many can tolerate brief droughts, supplemental water should be given to prevent prolonged stress.
Pruning: Prune old canes in the spring that have died-out over the winter. Many shrub roses continuously bloom throughout the summer and do not require deadheading. Others might require pruning to encourage subsequent blooms. Note that some varieties are valued for their Rosehips and deadheading will prevent them from forming.
Fertilizing: Shrub roses are not heavy feeders like hybrid teas. Apply a good slow-release fertilizer in the Spring.
Spraying for Deer: While you wouldn’t think deer would want to chow down on a branch full of thorns, deer love rose flowers. Spraying with deer repellant can help deter them from eating your blooms.

Here is a sample list of some of the Shrub Roses we commonly carry at McCord’s Garden Center:

Austrian Copper Rose (orange, single) Species Rose
Bonica® Rose (pink, double) Shrub
Campfire Rose (pink-yellow blend, double) (FE) Shrub
Cuthbert Grant Rose (red, double) Shrub
Darlow’s Enigma Rose (white, semi-double) Climber
Meidiland Roses (Fire, Scarlet, Crimson) Groundcover
Foxi Pavement Rose (deep pink, double) Hybrid Rugosa
Golden Wings Rose (yellow, single) Shrub
Hansa Rose (fuchsia pink, double) Hybrid Rugosa
Harrison’s Yellow Rose (yellow, double) Shrub
High Voltage Rose (yellow, double) (FE) Shrub
Hope for Humanity Rose (red, double) Shrub
Knock Out™ Roses (Red, Coral, Pink, Sunny, White) Shrub
Linda Campbell Rose (red, double) Hybrid Rugosa
Morden Centennial Rose (pink, double) Canadian Hardy
Morden Snowbeauty (semi-double, white) Canadian Hardy
Morden Sunrise Rose (orange-yellow, semi-double) Canadian Hardy
Nearly Wild Rose (pink, single) Floribunda
Oso Easy Hot Paprika® Rose (PW) (orange, semi-double) Shrub
Oso Easy Lemon Zest® Rose (PW) (canary yellow, semi-double) Shrub
Oso Easy® Mango Salsa Rose (PW) (grapefruit, semi-double) Shrub
Paint the Town Rose (medium red, double) Shrub
Red Drift Rose (cardinal red, double) Groundcover
Red-Leaf Rose (pink, single) Species Rose
Ruby Voodoo Rose (fuschia, double) Shrub
Seafoam Rose (white, double) Ground Cover/Climber
Sunrise Sunset Rose (pink-yellow blend, double) Shrub
Theresa Bugnet Rose (pink, double) Hybrid Rugosa
Winnipeg Parks Rose (red, double) Shrub
Woods Rose (pink, single) Wild Rose/Native

Click to View Printable PDF file: Hardy Shrub Roses

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