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Grass Seeding & Care Q&A this Friday!

Don’t miss Todd this Friday April 22nd, 2022, 12-4pm! Todd will be here to answer your toughest grass seed questions!

Click on our events page for details.

If you can’t make it send us your questions or check out these FAQ’s Todd answered for us below!


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Grass Seeding & Care Frequently Asked Questions
by Todd Land

Question #1
When should I seed my lawn?
The best time to seed your lawn is April and early May so that the lawn can establish before the
summer heat kicks in. The best time in the fall is the last week in August through September.
Question #2
I have bare spots in my lawn, how do I patch them?
I use a 5-gallon bucket and fill the bucket up 1/4 full of top soil and put a heaping handful of
grass seed on top of the soil and mix it in. Try to rough up the bare spot with a rake or shovel
and pour the mixture on top about ½ inch. The Economy Lawn Mix which is 50% perennial rye
and 50% bluegrass works great for this technique.
Question #3
I have an area I want grass that is under Pine Trees. What kind of grass
seed should I use?
I have found that fescues can grow the best in shaded areas under pine trees. The Low
Maintenance Lawn Mix has some very hardy varieties that will work best.
Question #4
I have a large area where I want to lay down grass seed. How should I
prepare my soil and what is the proper way to seed it?
Rough up the ground within about ½ inch. It is probably a good idea to try to cover the seed
with a little bit of soil after you have spread and raked in the seed. Seed to soil contact is the
most important part of the seeding process. Planting depth is always 1 ½ times the size of the
Question #5
I want a lawn that I don’t have to water very often. What kind of seed
should I use?
I like to use the Low Maintenance Lawn Mix because it has some perennial rye and
bluegrass that you find in a traditional lawn as well as some fescue varieties that can hold their
color and vitality during the hot summer months.
Question #6
I have several acres that I want grass, but there is no way to irrigate it.
Is there a grass seed mix that will work?
For large acreages there are 2 very good options you can try. The first option is the Dryland
Pasture Mix. Dryland Pasture can be mowed down 2 or 3 times during the growing season and
will grow back to its natural height. The Foothills mix is a blend of grasses that are found up and
down the front range of Colorado. This is a true native mix and should not be mowed until the
very end of the growing season, or it can be left alone for great winter texture on your

Todd Land
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