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Guide to Growing Tomatoes- with Dean

Guide to Growing Tomatoes- with Dean   Check out one of our newest videos with Dean, an avid tomato and vegetable gardener who has been gardening here in the Tri Lakes area for over 30 years! Today he is sharing his tips for success and how

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Growing Potatoes, Onions, and Garlic, Oh My!

Growing Potatoes, Onions, and Garlic, Oh My! Growing Potatoes Fact Sheet Growing Onions Fact Sheet Growing Garlic Fact Sheet If you have ever tasted new potatoes fresh from the garden, they you know why they are one of the most planted vegetables in the home

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Make Your Own Cool Season Container Garden

Cool Season Container Garden Tutorial Build you own container garden with a combination of cool season annuals, vegetables and perennials for a beautiful container that can withstand a light freeze. At the end of the season plant your perennials directly in the ground to enjoy them

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Anatomy of a Seed Packet

GARDENING FACT SHEET: “Anatomy of a Seed Packet” CO-Horts: Anatomy of a Seed Packet ( This is great information on how to read seed packets from! “The front of the package will identify the Common Name of the Plant, the Botanical name, and the

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