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Pollinator Plants for the Tri Lakes Area

Plants for Pollinators – Best Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs and Trees  Support our bees, butterflies, and many other local pollinators by planting pollinator friendly flowers. Click on the video below for some of the best pollinator friendly plants for the Tri Lakes Area! Youtube Video Link:

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When and How to Water

VIEW PDF FILE FOR PRINTING (opens in new window) When and How to Water One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “How often should I water this tree/shrub/flower/container?” And the answer is: It depends. Each plant has specific water needs which are

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Happy Arbor Day Colorado

VIEW PDF FILE FOR PRINTING (opens in new window) Happy Arbor Day, Colorado! To help you celebrate, we have dozens of fruit trees and shrubs that have just arrived. In addition to fruit and flowering trees we are hosting a fundraiser for Palmer Lake Elementary

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Seed Starting 101

GARDENING FACT SHEET: “Seed Starting 101” Learn the basics of seed starting with our Seed Starting 101 handout, and also be sure to check out our Vegetable Seed Sowing Dates for a quick reference on approximate vegetable seed sowing dates for Monument. Click to View

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How to Plant Trees and Shrubs

GARDENING FACT SHEET: “Trees & Shrubs: Planting & Care Instructions” (Click to View Printable PDF file) Score the root ball on all sides to prevent girdling. Prepare the hole 2 times the width of the root ball and to the depth of the root ball.

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