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Anatomy of a Seed Packet


“Anatomy of a Seed Packet”

CO-Horts: Anatomy of a Seed Packet (

This is great information on how to read seed packets from!

“The front of the package will identify the Common Name of the Plant, the Botanical name, and the cultivar. With this information you can make sure that the actual plant you were hoping to grow is exactly what you purchased. It will also identify the plant as an annual, perennial, or biennial which affects how the plant is grown and what to expect in terms of performance. Simply, an annual will grow from seed to produce a fruit or flower and expire all in one season. A perennial may require a longer period of care as a seedling, but its life will extend for varying years to come. A biennial will grow and establish good base growth in its first year but not produce fruit or flower until the second. This is important to know so you do not pull it out after the first year, assuming that it was a “bad” plant.”
“The front of the package will also tell you if the plant is a cool season or warm season plant. This means it will germinate and thrive in cool soil and weather or warm soil and weather. Knowing when to plant each seed is critical to its growing success. Planting in the wrong season will not produce the results you expected. You will also find the designation for a seed produced organically or by conventional seed rearing methods. Look for a USDA organic certification symbol to guarantee an organic product.”


“The back of the package also provides some critical guidance to planting success. Sowing instructions are found here. The recommendation for starting the seeds indoors or if they would succeed better if started directly in the soil is critical to giving your seedlings the best possible start. If the best practice is to start the seeds outside in the soil, a recommended soil temperature will be provided. Things like sun, soil, and water requirements to help you to place and care for your seedlings appropriately.”

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